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  • DIGITAL LOGIC DESIGN: This is an introductory course that gives students the ability to analyze and design digital circuits. Students become knowledgeable about the number systems used in computers and digital circuits.

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  • DATA STRUCTURES: The objectives of this course are to teach students skills on how data may be structured and instructions sequenced in algorithms and programs, as well as the relationship between appropriate data and control structures and tasks from the “real world.”

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  • ENGLISH FOR SPECIAL PURP.: This course familiarizes students with APA style of writing. By utilizing this style students learn, how to effectively organize material, communicate with clarity, precision, and logic, and cite sources materials to avoid plagiarism.

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  • Activities

    Nov 01: Football

    Friendly football match between Computer Science and Mathematics departments.

    Nov 06: Volleyball

    Friendly volleyball match between Computer Science and Mathematics departments.

  • Events

    Symposium: ABU3QCE 2015

    February 24-25, 2015

    1st AlBaha University and Uppsala University Collaborative Symposium.

    Seminar: Current Trends in Information Technology

    Date: TBA

    By Dr. Nadeem Hassan, Open for all students, at CCS&IT.